This video provides information about our project:

  • History of ekranoplans in Russia
  • RDC Aqualines Ekranoplans. Short take-off and landing conception
  • About our company
  • RDC Aqualines models range
  • EP-15 ekranoplan


We are the design bureau that based on the Ekranoplan (a.k.a. WIG or GEV) design knowledge of professionals involved in Soviet and Russian Ekranoplan projects, and our aim is the create the WIG design solution applicable for the commercial usage in the marine transport industry. Currently, we are conducting the R&D phase and working on the principal design issues. The key features that we concentrate on while working on the WIG craft are:
- Safety and simplicity
- Seakeeping performance
- Passenger comfort

Please proceed to the Concept section for more information about our approach to the WIG design.

At the present stage, our primary goal is to develop and build the first prototype of a multi-purpose marine ekranoplan EP15. The product is going to be designed as the multi-purpose WIG platform (max speed 200 kmh, 12 - 25 person capacity) that may be applied for different transport tasks:
- passenger and cargo transportation
- search and rescue on water
- patrol and security on the water

Please proceed to the FAQ section for more information about the EP-15 craft (pricing, certification, etc.).

Thus, our current priority is to attract investments for building and trial operation the EP-15 prototype for further serial production. Moreover, as the design bureau, we are interested in the participation in other projects related to WIG design (development of the bigger capacity craft, special purpose WIGs, unmanned surface vehicle on the WIG base, etc.) Please proceed to the Products section for more information about the cooperation opportunities.



«RDC Aqualines Ekranoplans» project has joined the ranks of the National Technological Initiative projects of Russian Federation.

On February 28th, in Nizhny Novgorod, in the framework of extended session of NTI task team the «RDC Aqualines Ekranoplans» project was presented to the community of industry experts. On the results of the discussion by the decision of the overwhelming mojority of participants of the task team the «RDC Aqualines Ekranoplans» project was approved as a priority for obtaining within the NTI program.


RDC Aqualines have conducted testings of EP-15 ekarnoplan powerplunt

During the winter testings of remotely-operated free running model with on-board information system RDC Aqualines have examined different types of power supply plants for their further application on EP-15 ekranoplan. Obtained results afford to optimize main engine and propeller parameters to improve operational efficiency of the vehicle.


RDC Aqualines have received successful results of the ekranoplan hydro-ski gear tests

Within towing tests on open water, which took place in October in Nizhny Novgorod on river Volga, performance mode of the hydro-ski gear during the take-off was successfully confirmed. Depreciation of wave effect, gust alleviation and fast rising of the body over the water during the take-off will improve seaworthiness of the EP-15 ekranoplan.


RDC Aqualines Ekranoplans were presented on “Gidroaviasalon 2016” international exhibition.

RDC Aqualines Ekranoplans were presented on “Gidroaviasalon 2016” international exhibition. RDC Aqualines Ekranoplans project participated in “Gidroaviaalon 2016” international exhibition, which took place in Gelendzik, Russia, from September 22 to 25. The visitors of the exhibition were introduced to different models of EP-15 ekranoplan. During the exhibition RDC Aqualines conducted negotiations with potential customers and made cooperation ties with the leading research institute: “Krylov  State Research Centre” and “Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute”.


RDC Aqualines began to conduct hydrodynamic tests of the first EP-15 ekranoplan free running model

Hydrodynamic tests of the first EP-15 ekranoplan free running model are conducted in Nizhny Novgorod. Testing purpose is the demonstration of the vehicle hydrodynamic performance and detection of possible hydrodynamic design optimization measures.

Representatives of the IEA Company – the French partner of RDC Aqualines also took part in preparation and organization of the tests.


Representative of partner company from France arrived to RDC Aqualines head office for the collaborative work on aspects of RDC Aqualines ekranoplans certification and supply on the territory of European Union

On the 5th of July IEA company employee arrived to Nizhny Novgorod for the two months official trip. The main aim of the trip is observation of EP-2 ekranoplan prototype testing? And also coordination of teamwork of RDC Aqualines and French colleagues from IEA, who are accredited representatives of International Maritime Organization (IMO) in France.

During the next session of IMO ekranoplan working group, IEA is going to commence amending of current IMO rules on designing, manufacturing and operation of ekranoplans based experimental data resulting from the testing of EP-2 ekranoplan and provided by RDC Aqualines specialists.

Further, RDC Aqualines and IEA are planning to codevelop mechanism of ekranoplans certification by IMO standards to arrange for supply and operation of EP-15 ekranoplans in IMO member countries.


Thailand Marine Department of Ministry of Transport created a working group on RDC Aqualines ekranoplans certification and operation issues on the territory of the country

On June 16th Thailand Marine Department of Ministry of Transport top officials had a joint meeting with representatives of Sanasen Aviation company – customer and regional partner of RDC Aqualines. The agenda was dedicated to organization of RDC Aqualines ekranoplans operation in Thailand.

In particular, the working group discussed the issues of Sanasen Aviation permission to operate cargo-passenger ekranoplan EP-15 on Phuket – Phi-Phi – Krabi route-line, and also the possibility to implement current rules of Russian Maritime Register for EP-15 certification under Thailand national jurisdiction as for a passenger vessel.

As a result of the meeting it was decided to establish a permanent working group, whose task will be to assist the operator Sanasen Aviation in preparations for the operation of RDC Aqualines ekranoplans.


RDC Aqualines Ekranoplans were presented on a special exhibition Aland Maritime Day on Aland Isles

RDC Aqualines, in cooperation with Sea Wolf Express Company, its first customer, participated in the special exhibition and business conference - Aland Maritime Day, which took place in Mariehamn (Aland Isles) on May, 12.

The Modern Rapid Fleet Program based on RDC Aqualines Ekranoplans and the first commercial route line Tallinn – Helsinki, where the operator is going to exploit the EP-15 cargo-passenger ekranoplan, were presented to visitors and exhibitors.

During this event RDC Aqualines conducted negotiations with potential customers from Baltic region and also approached equipment and component suppliers, certification and regulatory authorities of the region.


RDC Aqualines test base will be arranged in France

RDC Aqualines in cooperation with French Company-Partner Arteres will arrange a test base in Marseille, where the light-weight two seat ekranoplan EP-2 will be operated on a regular basis. The vehicle will be used as a demonstrator for potential customers, and also for creation of certification standards for ekranoplans operation in EU.


RDC Aqualines Ekranoplans will be delivered to the countries of South-East Asia, Near East and Africa

Through a series of workshops conducted with entrepreneurs and heads of ministries and departments of several countries agreements in principle on implementation of RDC Aqualines program in these countries were reached. In particular, negotiations are being conducted with representatives of Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Iran, Cape Verde and Maldives.